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Life on the Deckle Edge

Shepherds and Writing to Win

The Decatur Book Festival was nothing less than awesome this weekend. I had a great time presenting, and our SCBWI Southern Breeze booth was hopping all weekend!

Hundreds of people dedicated endless hours to make it a success, and I pondered another kind of dedication as parents brought their children by our booth. One mother of two very handsome, articulate young sons said she had volunteered at the festival all day on Saturday. She told her co-workers that on Sunday, however, she needed to bring "her babies" out to enjoy the festival. And they did.

Tomorrow, I have the privilege of speaking to a group of teachers who have completed the "Writing to Win" program at their schools. The Exemplary Schools luncheon in Macon honors their hard work and commitment. I've been thinking of all the teachers over the years who encouraged my desire to write, and I'll be forever grateful to them. I look forward to celebrating this spirit in the teachers who will be honored tomorrow. http://writingtowin.com

Who knows what magic can happen when a parent or teacher guides a young mind toward a great book, or puts a pen and paper in front of a child along with a pat on the back...?
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