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Life on the Deckle Edge

Looking forward to LaGrange!

I'm polishing up my presentations for LaGrange College this coming Tuesday and can't wait to spend time with folks dedicated to the promotion of children's literature.


I'm looking forward to a tour of the campus and the brand new library with Charlene Baxter, Technical and Public Services Librarian. At the UGA Children's Lit. Conference, I attended Dr. Joyce Hillyer's wonderful workshop on nonfiction, and I'll have the pleasure of meeting some of her students in the afternoon.

Back in the day, I took the two classes Furman offered on children's literature, when it was still a fairly new field of study at the collegiate level. It's terrific that now children's literature is so prominently featured in a variety of education classes. I'm thrilled to share in the mix and, in the process, to promote the amazing work of other authors in our region to future teachers!
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