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Life on the Deckle Edge

Check out Elizabeth Dulemba's Coloring Pages!

My friend and award-winning author-illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba took a special liking to the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve's new baby zedonk. So today, for the Coloring Page she offers each Tuesday on her website, she has an adorable picture of a zebra! (And a picture and links to some of the online zedonk coverage.) Check out www.dulemba.com

But first, read what she has to say about why she offers these fun, free coloring pages to her happy followers:

How did your Coloring Pages get started, and how have they evolved?

On a lark actually. I have always doodled these funny little characters or small scenes; however, they were just sleeping in my sketch books never to be shared. One day I thought, "What if I turned these into coloring pages?" That was three years ago and the rest is history!

What kind of feedback do you get from them?

It's been overwhelming! I never expected my coloring pages to be such a hit. I get emails all the time from parents, teachers and librarians thanking me for the images and sharing what they've done with them. I especially love it when parents send the pages their children have colored and post them on my blog. Talk about some warm fuzzies! And then the scrap-booking community found me and things really exploded.

A lot of people use my images to create cards for Operation Write Home . They send cards overseas which the soldiers can use for free to stay in touch with their families. How cool is that? Beyond that, so many people send me samples of cards they've made using my images, I recently started an online gallery at www.facebook.com/pages/ColoringPageTuesdays/131602883523029 for creators to share. It's still pretty new, but every Tuesday more and more people join up, just like with my weekly Coloring Page Tuesday Alert.

Wow - that's terrific. How do you get ideas for your subjects each week?

Sometimes people email requests (like librarians or book sellers who want to host a special story-time theme and would like a coloring page to go with it), and sometimes it's just some quirky thing I feel like creating. Of course, around the holidays I try to create themed coloring pages for people to enjoy.

I understand some Coloring Page kudos are in order?

I just celebrated my 2,000th subscriber to Coloring Page Tuesdays and did a random drawing from my existing subscribers for two winners to receive a Dulemba prize pack. What a milestone! People can learn more about Coloring Page Tuesdays and subscribe at

Thanks for dropping by, Elizabeth! Now, where did I put my crayons? I have a zebra to color....
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