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Life on the Deckle Edge

Are you a Bella or a Bean?

Part of the excitement of a new school year is meeting new folks! My daughter is heading off to college and my son's 10th grade class is welcoming some fresh faces this year.

These new beginnings, with mixes of new personalities, put me in the mind of Rebecca Kai Dotlich's charming BELLA & BEAN (Atheneum, 2009).

Bella wants to write poems.

Bean wants to go for a walk.

Bella wants to write poems.

Bean wants Bella to look at her cute toes.

In Aileen Liejten's whimsical illustrations, these two friends take the form of endearing mice. You'll have to read it for yourself to see how they sort out their lovely friendship despite, or because of, their wildly different temperaments. BELLA & BEAN won a 2010 Golden Kite honor for picture book text, and it made the Bank Street Best Books of the Year. So which are YOU - a Bella or a Bean?Either way, this book celebrates our differences!

Learn more about Rebecca and her books and poetry at www.rebeccakaidotlich.com
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