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Life on the Deckle Edge

Mom 2 Mom Connection interview!

I'm thrilled to be featured on Heather Ivester's great blog, Mom 2 Mom Connection, a terrific source of encouragement for busy parents who also love to write. Copy and paste this link for the interview:


Heather is a talented author who knows a bit about combining mothering and writing. As it says on her site, "Heather Ivester has a heart for parents who feel called to write, as she’s the mother of five school-aged children, and writing is the only way she can complete a sentence around her house." Ha!

She's written for teens and adults in the inspirational market, with books (and contributions to books) published by Thomas Nelson, among others. Her work appears in many top inspirational magazines as well. Visit her blog, and you'll see why she has many loyal and appreciative followers.

I'm lucky to get to see her at SCBWI Southern Breeze events and really honored to visit virtually this month!
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