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Intervisual Books


by Robyn Hood Black, illustrated by Colin Howard


ISBN 1581178174 ISBN-13 9781581178173

©Intervisual Books, illustrated by Colin Howard

"WOLVES is a thoughtful introduction into every facet of the fascinating world of the wild brother of man's best friend."
Ed Bangs, Gray Wolf Recovery Coordinator, US Fish and Wildlife Service (retired)

This is one of the most interesting nonfiction books I've seen! It's so interactive that it creates an engaging and fun experience where students love learning about wolves!

Jen Schneider, Kingergarten Teacher and host of Teacher Talk Radio

photo by Alison Womack

The International Wolf Center in Ely, Minn. offers online visitors a peek at wolf life with their ambassador pack. Check out the "wolf cams."

© Robyn Hood BlackThe track of a North American gray wolf is 4 to 5 inches long and3.5 to 4 inches wide!

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi

photo by Donna H. Bowman

Luna in September 2008 (five months)

photo by Donna H. Bowman Luna's paw at almost five months old

photo by Lynn Kelly Chestatee Wildlife Preserve residents enjoy making public appearances! (Luna is 5 months old here.)

photo by Laila Quigley

Juno at six months (Oct. 2008)

photo by Laila Quigley

Luna at six months (Oct. 2008)

photo by Laila Quigley

Paws in the conversation... (Luna's - at eight months)

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna at nine months - Jan. 2009

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna and Juno at 10 months (Feb. 2009)

© Robyn Hood Black

Tumbling at 10 months (Feb. 2009)

Water break! (10 months - Feb. 2009)

Here comes a very muddy wolf!

© Robyn Hood Black Excuse me!

11 months(March 2009)

© Robyn Hood Black Pounce and Play

11 months

© Robyn Hood Black

Juno at 13 months May 2009

Fast Forward!
Juno and Luna at 14 months.
(June 2009)

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna - July 2009, 15 months

© Robyn Hood Black

Juno - July 2009, 15 months

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna, Oct. 2009

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna, almost 18 months - Oct. 2009

© Robyn Hood Black

Juno, almost 18 months - Oct. 2009

Dec. 2009 - 19 1/2 months

Dec. 2009

Juno, January 2010 - 21 months

Luna, 23 months - March 2010


While researching my book, I had the great good fortune to meet the wolves and staff at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega, Ga. For several years, I volunteered with wolves there, helping to socialize the pups. I'll always treasure that experience. Scroll down for some fun photos of those years!

Storytime with Wolves - (When my WOLVES book came out in late 2008, I showed it to the experts at The Chestatee Wildlife Preserve.)

From a mom in Minnesota:
My 10-year-old son just LOVES it. I had to pull him away from it to get him to school one morning. The illustrations are beautiful and he just loves the interactive portions, along with the pop-out wolf head!

The Intervisual animal vault series, including WOLVES, was discontinued. The publisher is open to reprinting in very high quantities, however.... My remaining copies I will reserve for media centers for schools which host an author visit. Sometimes you can find the book online at a reasonable price - be sure to look for "new" or "like new" copies. NOTE: I'M STILL HAPPY TO INCORPORATE WOLF EDUCATION INTO SCHOOL VISITS WHEN DISCUSSING NONFICTION.

Fun note: In 2010, WOLVES was translated into Portuguese and published by Ciranda Cultural - as LOBOS!

photo by Alison Womack Chestatee Wildlife Preserve

This male gray wolf pup below, born in April 2010, came to the Preserve in July 2010. I had the great honor of naming him - Rio!

Rio, left, 1 year, 5 months; Luna, right, 3 years, 5 months - September 2011

Luna and Rio - May 2011

Rio, age 1, Luna, age 3 - May 2011

Robyn and Rio - Feb. 2011; 10 months

Rio - Nov. 2010; 7 months - walking and chilling in new digs

Late Oct. 2010 - Rio at six months

Luna showing her dominant side with Juno - Oct. 2010, 2 1/2 years old

photo by Alison Womack

"Sit, Rio." Sept. 2010, 4+ months

Early September - water break (4 months)

photos by Skyla Thomas

Rio at four months, late August, 2010. Pups grow fast!

photos© Robyn Hood Black
Skyla Thomas of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve has her hands full!

Mmmm.... cheese is good! Rio, August 2010, three months. photo by Judy Bradberry

Robyn and Skyla with Rio, three months - July 2010

Rio with Skyla Thomas, Chestatee Wildlife Volunteer Staff. See the tortoise in the background?

Cute Brute! Rio at three months - July 2010

photo by Morgan Black

How do you like a harness? No so much?

Robyn began volunteering at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve with two gray wolves, Juno and Luna, when they were little pups in the spring of 2008. Luna is still at the preserve. Here are a few pictures of them as adults. Then scroll down to watch them grow up!

April 2010 - photos© Robyn Hood Black
Happy Second Birthday, Juno and Luna!
Here, Juno is trying to work out the challenges of frosting from a small piece of birthday cake, while Luna gets a little help from the ground. Later, Juno rolled in the crumbs Luna left.

Luna greets Skyla Thomas, Chestatee Wildlife Preserve April 2010 - 2 years old

photos© Robyn Hood Black

Luna and Juno, 23 months - March 2010

March 2010 - 23 months Luna caches (buries) her cheese for later; Juno eats hers right now, thank you

Now, Scroll down to watch them grow up!

Say "cheese"! © Robyn Hood Black
Juno and Luna, four weeks old in this picture, were born at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega, Ga., in April 2008.

Scroll down (& keep scrolling...) to see how quickly wolf pups grow.

© Robyn Hood Black

Juno and Luna in June 2008 (two months)

...and in July 2008, giving me kisses after I helped give them a bath! (three months)

In August 2008 - Luna and Juno are turning four months old and turning into gorgeous young wolves.

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna: Got me a prize stick.

Juno: I think you should share with me.

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

(five months - September 2008)

photo by Laila Quigley

Juno at six months - October 2008

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna at six months - October 2008

photo by Alison Womack

Juno and Luna Nov. 2008 - seven months old

© Robyn Hood Black

What, Juno? We're eight months old?(Dec. 2008)

Feb. 2009 - 10 months old

Here are some pictures of Juno and Luna playing - but even in play, wolves are always about dominance hierarchy. The mock fights go something like this:
hunker down, chase, leap, catch, spin, pin, repeat.

photos © Robyn Hood Black

What big teeth!

photo by Robyn Hood Black Luna - 11 months (March 2009)

photo by Robyn Hood Black Juno - 11 months

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY, Luna and Juno! Awwrrrooooooooooooooo!!! April 2009

© Robyn Hood Black Juno and Luna quietly celebrating their first birthday, April 2009

photo by Skyla Thomas

with Juno and Luna at 13-and-a-half months (May 2009)

© Robyn Hood Black

Luna and Juno covering ground at 16 months - August 2009

© Robyn Hood Black

Sept. 2009 - Chilling Out at 17 months

© Robyn Hood Black

Let the Games Begin...Oct. 2009

© Robyn Hood Black

Tussling at almost 18 months - Oct. 2009

© Robyn Hood Black

© Robyn Hood Black

Here are some better pictures - Dec. 2009, Juno (left) and Luna (right), 19-and-a-half months

'Tis the season... for play battles

Luna's up

Now she's down

Side by Side - Dec. 2009, 19 1/2 months

Juno and Luna, January 2010 - 21 months

Skyla Thomas of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve high-fives with Juno, January 2010

photo by Skyla Thomas

Robyn and Luna, January 2010 - 21 months

Luna has Juno by the tail - Feb. 2010 - 22 months

And Juno almost has Luna by the nose... Feb. 2010

photos by Robyn Hood Black

Winter means brushing for thick, winter coats. Here, Juno enjoys the attention from CWP's Skyla Thomas. (Feb. 2010 - 22 months)

Luna full throttle - Feb. 2010 - 22 months

Early morning or late at night? Robyn in the midst of writing WOLVES....

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