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Life on the Deckle Edge

Poetry Friday and Poetry Month - "Hidden in the Seams" from IMPERFECT

Click here to hear Robyn read "Hidden in the Seams" from IMPERFECT.


Greetings, Poetry Lovers! Happy Poetry Friday, and Happy (Continued) National Poetry Month!


My mini-poem movies project continues today with my poem from IMPERFECT - poems about mistakes: an anthology for middle schoolers (History House Publilshers, 2018)This is the wonderfully welcoming project our own Tabatha Yeatts shared with the world.  Here's Tabatha's author/editor website, with links to how you can purchase this collection. (And - NEW - it's now available as an e-book purchase on Amazon, too!)


My poem is called "Hidden in the Seams," and rather than complex emotional mishaps, it deals with the many wrong turns one often takes in a creative adventure, before a final finished project emerges! 


A little timely this week, actually, as I dusted off my old sewing machine, found some quilting fabric I've stored for a couple of decades (yes, I washed it!) and snipped ties from some hanging name badges I had to make some cloth masks.  We had been using a couple kindly made and shared by our wonderful 92-year-old neighbor, Ms. Betty, but needed a few more, with regular washing and all.


The process went as all my sewing projects do:  1.) Do it wrong first, untangle mangled threads, and re-do; 2.) veer from the actual directions because I like doing things my own way; and 3.) Voila! (Eventually....) Done. Imperfections and all!


I hope you enjoy the short poem movie. Each weekday in April, I'm pausing for some of my published poems for kids on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and for haiku suitable for kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Thanks to all who have taken a look, and shared, too!  Here's a link to today's poem, and here's a link to my YouTube Channel.


Since it IS Poetry Friday, here's the poem typed out:



Hidden in the Seams





Pin paper pattern. Pin paper pattern. 

Thread machine.

Chikita, chikita, chikita, chikita

chikita, chikita, chikita, chikita

chikita, ckiki-chkkktghkCLNK



Untangle thread.

Press pieces. 

Hold up.



Seam ripper:

Rip rip rip rip

rip rip rip rip

Pin pin pin pin

Chikita chikita chikita chikita

chikita chikita chikita chikita


Zippity stitchety

zip zip zip ziGGRRRP



Untangle thread.

Zippity stitchity


Zip zip zip zip

Backstitch - stitch - back - backstitch




"You made that?"



©Robyn Hood Black.  All rights reserved. 



Visit the lovely and creative Molly at Nix the Comfort Zone for this week's Roundup - Thanks, Molly! :0)


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