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Writing workshop with 3rd-5th graders, 2012

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Thank you for engaging the students at this distracting time of year. You are magic!
AH, Public Elementary School Media Specialist, GA

photo by Sharon Wright Mitchell

Creative Writing in a Can Workshop

photo by Darlene Snyder

photo by Donna H. Bowman

One six year old told me how much he appreciated learning about, and thinking about, how his own dog is connected to wolves.
NB, Elemntary School Librarian, GA

We enjoyed your visit. The students were very interested in the book, poems, and the process of how books are made. JD, Public Elementary School Teacher, AL

photo by Darlene Snyder

Let's make up a story...

One of our students who loves nonfiction has developed a wolf obsession since you came. I think he's checked out every book we have on wolves.
SM, Public Elementary School
Media Specialist, GA

We really loved you coming. You taught me so much. I didn't know wolves lived in the desert.

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Robyn has spoken to groups of teachers, media specialists, writers, college students, book clubs, and festival-goers. She's presented several workshops at SCBWI Southern Breeze conferences. In 2012, she presented a haiku workshop at the Georgia Children's Literature Conference at the University of Georgia. In 2013, she co-presented on poetry panels for workshops at the Fay B. Kaigler Children's Literature Festival in Hattiesburg, Miss., and the HSA (Haiku Society of America) Southeast Region haikufest in Atlanta, Ga.

photo by Jo Kittinger

2011 Haiku workshop at Southern Breeze Poetry Retreat

You have a gift for pulling off terrific workshops! I thought the haiku walk-about was great fun. It helped me to look at life through different lenses. Cool!

Linda A.

Carrollton Creative Writers Club was honored to have Robyn Hood Black as guest speaker. Overwhelming consensus, "Robyn was fabulous!!
Mary Cunningham, author and CCWC member

Author Visits

Now Booking for 2017-18! Please contact me to design a visit to fit your needs and budget.

I've had the privilege of being part of Cobb County (Georgia) EMC's Literacy Week in the fall - what an amazing program! Here I am pictured with Cindy Stigall in 2013, when she was Media Specialist at Due West Elementary. She created a special luncheon with students, complete with decorations from my poems, and plenty of wolfy and knightly goodies, too!

Teachers keep coming up to me and telling me how much their students enjoyed your presentation, and parents have emailed as well.... I especially appreciated the scientific language, the high level of ideas, and your own passion for talking about your work. You packed a lot of information and encouragement into your visit with students and they were thrilled.
NB, Elementary School Librarian, Ga.




"What Do You Do All Day?"
General Assembly with Powerpoint

Grades 3 & Up
45 minutes with optional Q and A

A peek inside the life and studio of a writer and artist – and how to notice creative inspiration all around! We’ll explore ways to find and shape ideas into finished works. Robyn will share rough drafts and published examples of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as some visual art. We’ll take a dip in the publishing world, too: revisions, storyboards, working with editors, and creating a creative community.




"Playing with Poetry and Pictures"
Classroom/​Media Center presentation
for grades K-2
25-30 minutes

Robyn will read her book, Sir Mike, some of her published poetry, and other works to introduce simple elements of poetry and story construction. (Note: Sir Mike is no longer in print, but Robyn will donate a copy to your media center.) Some literary wolves will be on the prowl as well! Posters, props, and puppets will keep young audiences engaged. A few brave volunteers will be recruited to help demonstrate. We'll also create our own fun, original story together!



Programs can be adapted for Middle and High School Students

"HAIKU How-To: New Frogs in an Old Pond"
Writers workshop for grades 3 & up
45-60 minutes or multi-day

We’ll explore this inviting yet challenging genre of short-form poetry, either in an introductory workshop or as part of a multi-day residency. Learn why to toss out the old (misguided) 5-7-5 rule for haiku in English, and how to write a traditional haiku poem. Time permitting, students can combine their haiku poem and original art to make a haiga, combine individual poems in a group renga exercise, and/​or compile a classroom anthology.

Celebrate nature – a great tie-in to science standards. We can even work outside, time and weather permitting!


"FOUND POEMS Treasure Hunt"
Writers workshop for grades 3 & up
45-60 minutes or multi-day

Poetry is all around you every day, just waiting to be discovered!
We’ll take a look at found poems, such as those in THE ARROW FINDS ITS MARK (Roaring Brook, Georgia Heard, ed.) Then we’ll hunt for our own in a variety of sources. Robyn will be happy to share how she combines found poems and found art in one-of-a-kind art pieces.

This workshop can be stretched over more than one day to include collage illustration opportunities, and/​or compilation of a classroom anthology.


"Creative Writing in a Can"
Writers workshop for grades 3 & up
45-60 minutes

Young authors will be challenged to think more precisely about the words they use in their creative writing. Robyn will discuss the processes of writing Sir Mike and Wolves, in addition to other works, and talk about the steps involved in publishing. A few surprise items from the hardware store will serve as "tools" to get imaginations rolling. Students will write on their own and collaborate in small groups. Robyn can also discuss some basic illustration principles for young artists. Can be tailored to specific learning goals or standards.


"A Walk on the Wild Side of Writing"
Writers workshop for grades 3 & up
45-60 minutes or multi-day

As soon as humans could make marks, they started recording the animals and environments around them. This workshop will focus on writing about the natural world, using Robyn’s book WOLVES (Intervisual Books) as well as THE POETRY FRIDAY ANTHOLOGY FOR SCIENCE (Pomelo Books, Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong, eds.) and other works. We’ll take a journey through wolf pack life with fun show-and-tell items. (Note: WOLVES is no longer in print, but Robyn will supply a copy to the school media center.) We’ll explore additional animals through informational texts, fiction, and poetry, and end with a fun, collaborative story-making exercise starring a new creature we make up on the spot.

Celebrate nature – a great tie-in to science standards. Can be tailored to specific learning goals or standards.


"I learned that you can take words out of sentences like 'nice.' Then you can add words better than that."

"I learned to show not tell, don't use too many adjectives, and put yourself in the setting to get a good picture."

"I learned how to be your character, how to feel your character's secrets."

photos by Betty King

"I heard great reviews from all of the teachers. The children really enjoyed your sessions."
JW, Event Coordinator, Educational Child Care Center, Ga.

Our students had a wonderful time and learned so much. They especially loved the artifacts and Wolves. The experience was so much more than I hoped for.
We give it 2 “claws” up!

CW, Third Grade Teacher, Ga.


"Hearing your wonderful presentation made our students excited to be writers. Your presentation captured their attention, and they were thrilled to see your storyboard for your upcoming book. We were so lucky to be the benefactors of your talent and passion."
JC, teacher and Creative Writing Celebration coordinator, GA



A full day generally costs $850 for up to four sessions. Robyn is happy to sign books, meet with gifted students, or read to pre-K, schedule allowing. Travel expenses required outside of Beaufort (SC) and adjacent counties.

Please contact Robyn about tailoring a program to fit your budget and needs, including specific curriculum standards.

I'm eager to work with you to make time with your students as valuable and fun as possible!

References available.

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