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Robyn's poetry appears in Sylvia Vardell's and Janet Wong's The Poetry Friday Anthology series (Pomelo Books), in Georgia Heard's anthology, The Arrow Finds Its Mark - A Book of Found Poems, (Roaring Brook Press), and in Lullaby and Kisses Sweet compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins (Abrams). More poems are forthcoming in books compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins, J. Patrick Lewis, and Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. Her work has been published in Ladybug, Hopscotch, forthcoming in Highlights Hello and in leading haiku journals and a handful of haiku anthologies. In 2016 she became Southeastern Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America and is coordinating an Earth Day weekend workshop/meeting in April 2017.

Robyn coordinated a poetry retreat with Rebecca Kai Dotlich in June 2011 and has led several haiku workshops. She appeared on a poetry panel with Irene Latham and April Halprin Wayland at the Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival in April 2013.

Robyn's haiku have appeared in Frogpond, Notes from the Gean, Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest, Acorn, A Hundred Gourds, Prune Juice, and Chrysanthemum as well as in a handful of anthologies. She's presented haiku workshops at schools and for SCBWI Southern Breeze and for teachers and media specialists at the Georgia Children's Literature Conference (2012). She loves leading haiku workshops with students and fellow writers. She's currently the Southeastern Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America, coordinating an Earth Day weekend and meeting in April 2017. Check out this page for resources!

Author Visits
In a classroom setting or for a larger group, Robyn will share her passion for children's literature as well as tips and techniques for stronger writing. She'll offer insights into the writing life and publishing process. Robyn is also available to speak at writing conferences, festivals, etc., and has spoken to audiences of all ages.

Magazines Etc.
Robyn's fiction has appeared in Highlights. Her poetry has been published by Ladybug, Hopscotch and the former online magazine, Berry Blue Haiku (which also featured her artwork), and is forthcoming in Highlights Hello. Her work also appears in leading haiku journals. For many years she has written nonfiction animal profiles for the Core Essentials character education curriculum.

In her life B. C. (before children), Robyn published hundreds of feature stories and photographs in regional publications, in addition to essays, poetry, and pen-and-ink illustrations.

Sir Mike
Mike is ready to confront what he thinks is a dragon outside. He shows off his brave moves and brags of former encounters. But is it really a dragon moving in the bushes? (Out of print, bu I will provide a copy to schools which host an author visit.)

WOLVES - part of the Animal Vault series from Intervisual Books: a nonfiction, interactive book about the world's most widely distributed land predators. Learn the secrets of these amazing, social animals! (Out of print, but I will provide a media center copy to schools which host an author visit.)

Art Portfolio
Robyn's school papers were always embellished with doodles. She's still doodling and drawing, with pen and ink, relief prints, and mixed media being her media of choice! She also has an art business and Etsy shop, artsyletters, featuring "art for your literary side."

photo by Alison Womack Chestatee Wildlife Preserve

Robyn and a corn snake during a Chestatee Wildlife Preserve school visit

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A rhyming tale of a young boy's knightly adventure with an imagined dragon.
Nonfiction, interactive book on wolves featuring giant pop-up and tons of info!