Robyn Hood Black - children's author, poet, artist

by David, Dr. Lacey's kindergarten class, Fair Street School, 2013

"Over the Moon" detail - by Lucas

Acrostic Poem

by Christian

(Georgia, 2008)

Special Shout-Out to North Jackson Elementary!
Before my recent visit, students participated in a wolf-themed writing contest. The school gave winners at each grade level signed copies of my books. Faith drew a great picture of a wolf and a house. Allianne drew a lovely mom and wolf pup picture and wrote a fun story; Kylie made a report full of interesting facts; Robert wrote a well-researched essay including pictures and a chart; Michael's "I Want a Wolf" was quite persuasive; Emma's informative report was terrific; and Tatum's story of a book-loving wolf was very creative! Great job to these winners AND to the MANY talented writers and artists at NJES. You're all winners to me! :0)

by Jakob

(Georgia, 2009)

Student Gallery

Pictures of the Pack

Now that my daughter, Morgan, is a teacher, it's a special treat to know her students enjoy my books in the classroom! While WOLVES is no longer in print, I'm glad to know it's still a hit with young readers, and I'm always happy to supply a copy to schools I visit. Wolves are captivating animals, regardless of books about them!

One of Morgan's third-graders from last year, Savanna, took a special interest in wolves and made these gorgeous pictures. I appreciate how she not only captured the expression of these wolves but paid attention to details, like the curve of an ear, the direction of fur, and the variations in its shading. I just love these drawings.

Many thanks to Savanna, now in fourth grade, for sharing her work with us!


Below are some sample works of fourth grade students. Over several days, they went on a "haiku hike" - making observations in their journals - and then wrote, revised, illustrated and published their work poems.

Storms by Jack

Shady Springs

Storm Clouds foreshadow

The Rumbling Sky

Birds Song by Hannah

High chirp Low chirp

The birds sing a song

It makes me want to sing along

Note how the following two poets began their haiku with the same phrase, but then each shared different observances in the last two lines of their poems. This often occurs in contemporary haiku journals as well. :0)

by Clayton

tall grass

tall trees swaying

leaves falling

by Briley

Tall grass

Green and brown leaves fall

The grass bends

Fun with the Pack!

and more great work...

Ramsha, second grade, drew this lovely portrait of Luna and me! It makes me smile. (Florida, 2010)

Second-grader Dawson from Florida drew this picture of Sir Mike (2010). See who is hiding behind the bushes?

Pop-up card by Lucas
(Georgia, 2008)

Pop-up card by Cade (Georgia, 2008)

Pop-up card by Sabastian
(Georgia, 2008)

by Krystal

(Georgia, 2009)

from Cassie
(Georgia, 2009)

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