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with Rebecca Kai Dotlich, 2011 Poetry Retreat

with author and poet Gene Fehler on panel at Borders Books in Athens, Ga. Oct. 2009

Robyn and Alice Schertle - Highlights Founders Workshop, Sept. 2009

Robyn and Susan Pearson - Highlights Founders Workshop, Sept. 2009

Robyn's poem, "Babysitting," appears in the Feb./​Mar. 2009 issue of HOPSCOTCH For Girls!

Hopscotch For Girls Feb.- Mar. 2009

Poetry Path

Here's the first poem ever recorded by yours truly, or at least the earliest found, written when I was about seven years old:

Little Ruth

I am a little girl.
My name is Little Ruth.
I cannot say my name
because I lost my tooth.

More recent efforts:

Summer Senses
Copyright Robyn Hood Black. All rights reserved.

I see the ocean meet the sky.
I hear the sea's eternal sigh.
I feel wet sand between my toes.
A fishy fragrance finds my nose.

A taste of salt - my ocean friend
is blowing kisses in the wind.

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Robyn's poetry appears in Sylvia Vardell's and Janet Wong's The Poetry Friday Anthology series and first two Poetry Power Books (Pomelo Books), in Georgia Heard's anthology, The Arrow Finds Its Mark - A Book of Found Poems, (Roaring Brook Press), and in Lullaby and Kisses Sweet compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins (Abrams), Poems are Teachers by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater (Heinemann), and forthcoming in School People by Lee Bennett Hopkins (Wordsong, 2018) as well as a new National Geographic anthology by J. Patrick Lewis.

Her work has been published in Ladybug, Hopscotch, forthcoming in Highlights Hello and in leading haiku journals and a handful of haiku anthologies. In 2016-17 she served as Southeastern Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America and coordinated an Earth Day weekend workshop/​meeting in April 2017.

Robyn coordinated a poetry retreat with Rebecca Kai Dotlich in June 2011 and has led several haiku workshops. She appeared on a poetry panel with Irene Latham and April Halprin Wayland at the Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival in April 2013.

photo by Sylvia Vardell

In the fall of 2016, Robyn led a "Found Poem Makerspace Workshop" for dozens of fellow children's poets and the public at Village Books in Bellingham, Washington, the night before Western Washington University's Poetry Camp. Click here for the post about it on my artsyletters blog!

photo by Nikki Grimes

Sharing the Poetry Friday anthology for Science at the SCBWI Southern Breeze Springmingle , March 2014, Atlanta, Ga.
photo by Jo S. Kittinger

The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations

The latest BIG Poetry Friday Anthology is all about CELEBRATIONS, with 150 or so poems for K-6, and a student edition as well. Please click the cover at left for ordering information. Click here for my blog interview with creators Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. [I'm thrilled to have contributed a poem, plus another for a supplemental activity.]


photo by Beck McDowell
April Halprin Wayland, yours truly (Robyn) and Irene Latham serve up Poetry Friday Anthology poetry at the 2013 Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival at USM in Hattiesburg. Publishers Weekly Children's Bookshelf Edition featured this pic and a write-up here (scroll down)!

My poem, "Gray Fox," appeared in the Nov. - Dec. 2012 issue of LADYBUG. It has a wonderful illustration by Hyewon Yum. Click the photo on right to access the TEACHER'S GUIDE. (Scroll about half-way down the page to find suggestions for my poem.)

Click HERE to read my blog feature about this poem.

March 2013 - Hats off to Hyewon Kim for winning the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award, which is presented at the Hattiesburg conference I referenced above re. our poetry panel. :0)

The whole gang at the Highlights Founders "Poetry for All" workshop in May 2012. Woo-hoo! What a great group of poets!

photo by Donna H. Bowman

Leading a hiaku workshop at SCBWI Southern Breeze fall conference, Oct. 2011

The SCBWI Southern Breeeze DIVING INTO POETRY retreat I coordinated with Rebecca Kai Dotlich, June 10-12, 2011 in Dahlonega, Ga., was a hit! Enjoy a few pictures....

left photo by Donna H. Bowman

I led an optional "Haiku Huddle" - Nancy Story listens in. photos by Jo S. Kittinger

Heather Montgomery reads our collaborative poem

Donna, Jo, Rebecca, Robyn, Heather


Here's a slithery little poem, an answer to a poetry challenge on the Miss Rumphius Effect blog. Enjoy - and watch your step!


Serpentine S
goes this way and that
Trail in the sand
Tail of a cat

Slithering S
goes that way and this
Starts every snake
Ends every hiss

©Robyn Hood Black
All rights reserved.

Scroll down and around to read some more poetry. But first, enjoy these photos from the "Wordplay" Highlights Founders Workshop in September 2009 (led by prolifically poetic Rebecca Kai Dotlich).

Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Alice Schertle, and Joy Acey have fun acting out Alice's BUTTON UP!

Molly Lorenz and Tricia Stohr-Hunt listen to Susan Pearson read some of her favorite selections

What a thrill to meet award-winning poet and anthologist Paul B. Janeczko at the 40th Annual Conference on Children's Literature at the University of Georgia (March 2009)! "Good poetry explodes with possibilities," he says.

Lee Bennett Hopkins, renowned poet and anthologist and 2009 NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children winner, taught a Poetry Master Class at the 2007 SCBWI Summer Conference in LA. I was blessed to receive his insight and encouragement. An "assignment" for the class was to compose a poem that weekend. I came up with the following, a Shakespearean sonnet inspired by his books:

How to Buy a Book of Poetry
Copyright Robyn Hood Black. All rights reserved.

I prowl around displays of stacked-up books,
a quiet hunger gnawing deep inside.
Some volumes catch my silent, stealthy looks,
while slowly stalking now, I must decide.
A vibrant cover takes my breath away -
I linger, stop, then claim it with my hand
to seize the book, a panther with her prey -
surveying what she knows to be her land.
While poems leap from pages crisp and new,
lines capture my attention as I read
their sparkling thoughts, at once unreal yet true -
mystical, magic words my deepest need.
A hunter with her prey? I'm not so free.
This poetry I bought - it now owns me.

Rebecca Kai Dotlich came to the Voices in Children's Literature conference in Georgia in late 2007, and I took every workshop she offered! Her Highlights Founders Worskhop in Sept. 2009 was terrific as well, and I joined her again there for "Poetry for All" in 2012. I also brought her to Georgia for an SCBWI Southern Breeze retreat in 2011! Explore her love for lyrical language in her many books and her poems in anthologies.

I Paper-trained my Puppy

I paper-trained my puppy -
he reads the New York Times.
He starts at the beginning:
the news, the views, the crimes.

Then he reads the comics,
while rolling on the floor.
He moves on to the book reviews,
the fashion, arts, and more.

After that he grabs a pen
and holds it with his muzzle.
He won't get up until he's done
the daily crossword puzzle.

I paper-trained my puppy.
I made one small mistake.
The puddle in the corner
is looking like a lake.

Copyright Robyn Hood Black. All rights reserved.


A hound dog is hard
to train.
Nose on the ground, he sniffs, he pulls -
You strain.
Nose in the air as if you're not there -
You complain:
This dog has got to go!
He looks at you with soulful eyes;
you fall in love

Copyright Robyn Hood Black. All rights reserved.

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