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Life on the Deckle Edge

School Visits - in the summer?

I'm looking forward to spending the day with the Primrose Suwanee West students tomorrow! In addition to preschoolers, elementary-age students are there for the summer program. I'm honored to be sharing stories and writing workshops with them. They found me through the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve website, so I met them up at the Preserve for a field trip. Stories happen year-round! :0) Read More 
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Big ol' Snakes and Exploding Trees...

Hmmm... a little long between posts? Apologies! The hum of summer and unexpected visits from Mother Nature have interrupted my schedule.

We've been playing host to some unwelcome guests in our fenced-in back yard - copperheads! All three dogs have had encounters, but only one had the sense to stay out of strike range. I'm happy to report the other two are doing fine after overnight stays (just over a week apart) at the after-hours emergency animal clinic.  Read More 
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