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Life on the Deckle Edge

Poetry Friday - Moving Boxes ....

Quick (huff)  Greetings (puff) from the Land of Perpetual Movers...  The low-down:  We're getting there, whirlwinds and all.  Got moved into a temporary apartment (still in Beaufort) so we could get our house here decluttered and listed to sell.  Met with the realtors Wednesday and are optimistic - almost 1000 views on Zillow in the first day (& seven showings).  Beaufort is still a pretty hot market; I wanted to list our downtown cottage while the inventory is so low right now! 


Still making several quick and crazy across-the-state trips taking things to our Upstate abode, and popping in on the basement renovation there. More than once I've woken up in the middle of the night and looked around in the dimness wondering, where am I?  What city?  What room?! 


My hubby Jeff will be starting his new job at the end of February, and I'll follow with movers and what's left of our stuff in mid-March after the reno is all done.  We're both feeling aches in muscles we didn't know we had, but we are deeply grateful for these adventures and for having a safe place to rest our heads at night, especially in winter.


I've been to Staples and Lowe's a thousand times in recent weeks.  Here's a little ditty of an ode about those handy kraft cardboard wonders by Bankers Box®.




Bankers Boxes



Tear off the lid,


set aside.


Un-flatten the rest and peer inside.


Push (1) on through,


then (2) and (3)


Pull (1) back down - 


Oh - now I see....


A krafty rectangle in three dimensions


ready for all your packing intentions.


Wait!  The lid - fold the edges and notch.


Match the handle slots; ignore your watch,










©Robyn Hood Black



While the smooth cardboard of dozens and dozens of moving boxes might seem monotonous, our friend and my Winter Poem Swap partner Patricia has just returned home to the desert and is thinking about the NEVERMORES group's prompt, texture. And she graciously included my Poem Swap poem and gifties to her, which arrived before Christmas but AFTER she left for her trip.  (Sorry, Patricia!) Here's her post. 


Marcie is kindly hosting the Roundup this week here


Wishing you smooth moves, whether from one home to another this year or just from your computer to the kettle to make a cuppa tea!

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Poetry Friday - Pointing Toward Catherine at Reading to the Core!

Happy New Year! 
In the throes of our move to an apartment before our big move in a couple of months, so I don't know which way is up or what day it is at the moment. (Also, about to make our fourth weekend road trip in as many weeks for a family holiday gathering.). But start your poetry year off right with Catherine at Reading to the Core, where you'll find the year's first Roundup! Thanks, Catherine. 

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