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Life on the Deckle Edge

Poetry Friday: Head Toward Random Noodling!

Hello, Poetry Friends. Well, I didn't quite have my act together for a real post this week, either. Thanks for clicking, and don't give up on me - it's just been an extraordinarily busy spring! But wonderful poetic treats await with our Poetry Friday host this week, the amazing Diane at Random Noodling.

See you next week.... Read More 
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Poetry Friday: Waving from the Beach...

Greetings on the edge of summer, at least in the South. We've been on a more-or-less vacation at the beach this week, celebrating Morgan's recent graduation from Furman (education major). Going back and forth to tend the cats, but the dogs joined us. I'm not together enough to have a new post today, but please go take in all the poetic goodness at Violet's - she has a fun original bird poem that might make you rethink your interior decorating schemes!

http://vnesdolypoems.wordpress.com/2014/05/22/poetry-friday-ever-after-edition/  Read More 
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Poetry Friday: Haiku Student Poet of the Month Madeline Budd Pearson

Madeline Budd Pearson

Greetings after a couple of weeks away! The school year is winding down, and we traveled to celebrate my daughter Morgan's graduation (magna cum laude!) from Furman University.

Not all schools are out yet, of course, and I'm delighted to present our final Haiku Student Poet of the Month for 2013-14 from The Paideia School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Madeline Budd Pearson lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is 14 years old and in the 8th grade. In her spare time, Madeline likes to play soccer and read. She has three siblings. She was taught how to write haiku in 2013 by her writing teacher, Tom Painting.

Madeline kindly shares some of her thoughts about haiku:

Haiku can be a way to express yourself, like other poetry. Taking simple ideas, and words and transforming them. It's a way of poetry different from any other. Yes, it is shorter, but with the right word play it can have more meaning. One subject or idea can be a hundred different haiku, and once you write what you think is a good haiku, you want to write another.

(I totally agree!)

Many thanks to Madeline for sharing these observations, and the following fine poems:

the hollow silence
after the knock on the door

slumber party
dusty sleeping bags
arrive from the attic

mother’s boss for dinner
the unused china
comes down

quietly quilting
the whisper
of patchwork stories

the child follows
her mother’s perfume

All poems ©Madeline Budd Pearson. All rights reserved.

I think you'll agree we're ending this year's series strong! Madeline's poems linger, like that perfume in the grocery store... And, no worries - we plan to continue our monthly poet series featuring Tom Painting's students when school convenes again in the fall.

In cased you’ve missed any of our previous Student Poets, here are the links: Emma Jones (Dec.), Stuart Duffield (Jan.) , Abby Shannon (Feb.), Marissa Schwartz (Mar.), and Liana Klin (April.).

To linger over more great poetry, please go catch the Roundup with Elizabeth Steinglass - Liz is a fine (& published) haiku poet herself, among other things!
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Poetry Friday - I've Skipped Town, but Go See Katya!

Happy May!

I'm traveling this week and didn't have my act together to scare up a post before I left. But for lots of great poetry in the kidlitosphere today (May 2), please go visit the lovely Katya at Write, Sketch, Repeat for the Poetry Friday Roundup.

AND, next week (May 9), we'll be happily covered up in festivities for my daughter's college graduation. (Congratulations, Morgan!) But be sure to circle back here on May 16 for our final Student Haiku Poet of the Month feature for this school year. (& not to worry - we plan to continue this series after the students' summer break.) See you then! Read More 
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