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Life on the Deckle Edge

The Kidlit Progressive Poem Parks HERE Today!


Happy Earth Day!  Each year for National Poetry Month, a "Progressive Poem" wends its way through the Kidlitosphere, blog by blog, adding a line until a completed poem emerges on April 30.  This adventure was started years ago by the fabulous Irene Latham, and Margaret Simon took up the coordination reins last year.


Also last year, the ever-clever Donna Smith started the poem off with a CHOICE of two lines, and that new dimension held with each new person all month.  It's carried over into this year, too!


I'm taking the baton from Carol Varsalona, who offered up these two fun lines to choose from (they will make sense when you read the whole poem below):


Inspired by nature, our imaginations soar.




We flitter with our wings of vine diving to touch ground.



Here's the poem with the line I chose from Carol, and two to choose from for Leigh Anne Eck.



I'm a case of kindness – come and catch me if you can!

Easily contagious - sharing smiles is my plan.

I'll spread my joy both far and wide

As a force of nature, I'll be undenied. 


Words like, "how can I help? will bloom in the street.

A new girl along on the playground - let's meet, let's meet!

We can jump-skip together in a double-dutch round. 

Over, under,  jump and wonder, touch the ground.


Friends can be found when you open a door.

Side by side, let's walk through, there's a world to explore.

We'll hike through a forest of towering trees.

Find a stream we can follow while we bask in the breeze.


Pull off our shoes and socks, dip our toes in the icy spring water.

When you're with friends, there's not have to or oughter.

What could we make with leaves and litter?

Let's find pine needles, turn into vine knitters.


We'll lie on our back and find shapes in the sky.

We giggle together: See the bird! Now we fly?

Inspired by nature, our imaginations soar.


and here are my two offerings:




You lumber and trumpet, I'll race and I'll roar!




Follow that humpback!  Here, take an oar.




Take it away, Leigh Anne! :0)

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