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Life on the Deckle Edge

Poetry Friday - Road Trip Break - Go See Matt! (& Heidi Next Week)

Greetings from the Road! I haven't made as many Poetry Friday rounds in the last couple of weeks as I'd like; sorry to miss some fabulous posts! Hoping to catch up a bit.

This weekend and next Friday finds me on a literal road trip, so I'll be back to Poetry Friday-ing on the 20th.  Hubby Jeff & I are headed to the International Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee, this weekend, and then we'll trek up to Virginia to hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway and go the whole way down.  It ends in Cherokee, NC, and we'll hop off and go bunk in Maggie Valley before heading home, which is only a couple of hours from here. (Yes, it's a crazy time for both of us to take a vacation.  Really.  But the leaves are calling....)

Taking my pens, paper, sketchbook - Happy Octobering to you & yours, and see you soon! Matt has the Roundup over at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme - stop by and get the backstory on his hot-off-the-press picture book, The Thing to Remember about Stargazing.  Congrats, Matt! And next Friday, be sure to track down Heidi, who will host over at My Juciy Little Universe

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