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Life on the Deckle Edge

Frisky Fall Wolves...

I have the amazing privilege of volunteering at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve in Dahlonega, Ga., - http://www.chestateewildlife.com - with Juno and Luna, the wolves whose pictures you see here and there on my website. At a year-and-a-half old now, they are magnificent creatures.

When I visit them, we generally work on manners (socialization), and I also enjoy observing their antics. Today they were particularly playful. The air was crisp and the sunshine abundant, and they were attuned to each falling leaf or the vocalizations of other animals at the preserve. Luna played tug-of-war with a low-hanging branch, and Juno stalked some invisible-to-me something through the fence. There was a growly scuffle over a chew toy, as Luna extricated it from Juno's paws and jaws. Later, Luna proudly pranced with a steak from this morning before finding just the right spot to cache (bury) it.

The most interesting exchange was a calculated game of hide-and-seek. Luna ran up the hill in the direction of a large tree, and Juno quickly maneuvered herself behind the wide trunk - ears pricked forward to locate her sister but not giving away her own position. As Luna approached, Juno sprung out into the open in a surprise attack. A blurry chase around the trunk - and all over the hillside - ensued. They must have enjoyed this game, because the scene repeated itself a couple of times. Each time, Juno tensed up in anticipation and chose just the right second to leap.

As the days shorten and turn cooler, their fur is becoming longer and thicker. They are beautiful to behold, in appearance and action. I am grateful and lucky to behold them!
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