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Life on the Deckle Edge

Springmingle's Almost Here!

It's my honor to be coordinating the SCBWI Springmingle Conference in Atlanta this weekend for the third year, and it will be my pleasure to hand over the reins to Southern Breezer and fellow critique group member Heather Kolich on Sunday. ;0)

We're expecting 150 or so children's writers, illustrators and publishing professionals to gather for networking, insight and inspiration. Conferences are a great way for folks who generally work in isoloation (at a computer or over a drawing board) to connect with peers who are passionate about children's books.

My son asked me what I was going to do after all this planning is behind me. More time to write, of course!

Learn more about SCBWI at http://www.scbwi.org or the Southern Breeze region at http://www.southern-breeze.org
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