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Life on the Deckle Edge


Happy July!

You're probably thinking I crawled into a wolf den to hide for a couple of months. Not really, though maybe not that far off....

First, I've been continuing to heal with this torn Achilles. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm doing much, much better - even driving now - which is a relief to my chauffeuring teenagers and to myself! Still a month or two of physical therapy and such to go.

Second, I did crawl into my office for weeks on end to finish my novel - and now I'm hoping it finds a home out in the Publishing Wilderness. I'll share more about it if and when that happens. Will keep you posted.

Third, and most fun, I had the privilege of meeting - and naming - the newest member of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve family, a male gray wolf pup! He is now Rio. Of course, I'm volunteering with him. I'm also betting that my leg will be fully mended by the time he puts on a few dozen more pounds! So far, so good. Check out some pictures on my WOLVES page.

So much to catch up on and good books to share - in the meantime, wishing you and yours a happy summer.
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