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Life on the Deckle Edge

Poetry Friday - Award-Winning Bicycle Poem by Gretchen Fletcher

©Stephanie Salkin. All rights reserved.

In an earlier post, I mentioned a poetry and art contest in Florida, the poetry portion of which was coordinated by the talented and lively Stephanie Salkin.

Inaugurated by the Gargiulo Arts Foundation (GAF) last July, the Flagler County Art League (FCAL) co-sponsored the art and poetry event, running July 13-August 3.

Hollingsworth Gallery and FCAL studio space are exhibiting bicycle-theme art. In addition, winners of the bicycle-theme poetry competition read their entries at FCAL during the opening reception last Saturday.

Stephanie arranged for me to share the winning poem with you here today - thanks, Stephanie! Judges were Al Hubbs (Actor/Teacher/Comedian/Writer/Poet/Photographer) and Joyce Sweeney, author of fourteen novels for young adults and one book of poetry (and SCBWI volunteer).

Many thanks to first place winner Gretchen Fletcher for sharing her beautiful, haunting poem with our Poetry Friday community.


"Make of yourself a light,"
said the Buddha,
before he died.

The Buddha's Last Instruction
Mary Oliver

Pedaling from spring into the sparkling heat
of early Florida summer, your golden hair
flames out behind you, halos your flushed face.
The alchemy of the day causes gravel in the hot asphalt,
struck by the sun, to become as gleaming precious jewels.
He couldn't see you in the heat's dazzling haze,
couldn't separate you from the bright glare of the sun
on his windshield as you biked into his path
where you and the light became one.
The wheels of your bike continued to spin,
silver spokes shooting out sparks of reflected sun.

©Gretchen Fletcher. All rights reserved.

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