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Life on the Deckle Edge

Dreams and Visions

We host a weekly small group for high school students from our church youth group. Tonight, it seemed appropriate to talk about dreams and reflect on this day, MLK Day, and on this amazing moment in history just hours away.

I read THIS IS THE DREAM by my author friend Diane Z. Shore, co-written with Jessica Alexander and illustrated by James Ransome. A powerful picture book. Also, I read excerpts from VOICES - Reflections on An American Icon through Words and Song, produced just over a year ago by Dalmatian Press in conjunction with the Choral Arts Society of Washington. Peggy Shaw, an author and editor formerly with Dalmatian, is the talent behind the text in this amazing, unique tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

We'll be vicariously in Washington tomorrow, watching on TV and checking in with my best friend from college. She's there now with her husband, four children, and "our two million new best friends"!
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