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Life on the Deckle Edge

Read-a-thon for literacy this weekend!

I'm delighted to be participating in the second annual READ-A-THON at the Hall Book Exchange (Gainesville, Ga.) this coming weekend. Beginning 5pm Friday, October 23, and ending 5pm Saturday, October 24, the event benefits the Gainesville/Hall County Alliance for Literacy, (www.allianceforliteracy.org). Participants of all ages will be reading books of all kinds! Bookshop owner Myra Meade promises plenty of free coffee.... Read More 
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Wolf Awareness Week

Awrrrooooooooooooooo - It's Wolf Awareness Week!

Oct. 11 - 17, 2009 - If you're not familiar with the amazing online resources offered by the International Wolf Center, this week would be a good time to discover them! http://www.wolf.org . You can tune in to the webcams and perhaps catch a glimpse of wolf activity in real time; link to current headlines from all over about wolf issues; or check out the educational resources for kids and teachers, just for starters.

On the local front, on my WOLVES page, I posted some pictures of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve's Juno and Luna from last week. I've added a picture or two every month since they were four-week-old pups. They turned a year and a half old this weekend!  Read More 
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Poetry, Pictures, Panel...

Busy week!

I finally uploaded a couple of pictures from last weekend's HIGHLIGHTS Founders Workshop, "Wordplay," led by Rebecca Kai Dotlich with special guests Susan Pearson and Alice Schertle. Check out my Poetry Page for these. I'm thrilled to have met all these wonderful women! (I know guys write poetry, too, but we had an all-female crowd.) Read More 
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Chips, Dip, and Following the Muse

Soon I'll get a few pictures posted from our FABULOUS poetry workshop up in Honesdale with the Highlights folks.

I've been busy this week - what else? - writing and drawing. Today, an article I wrote about work habits was posted on the Institute of Children's Literature site. I like the teaser editor Jan Fields used for it: "How giving up perfectionism can make more room for your writing life."


I'm pretty compulsive about every word and comma in a piece of writing. Housework and cooking? Not so much.... Read More 
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