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Life on the Deckle Edge

Historically Speaking from the Decatur Book Festival

Greetings from Decatur, Ga., where thousands of folks have been enjoying the gorgeous weather and taking in all-things-books! Between shifts at our SCBWI PAL booth near the Children's Stage, I was able to listen to some fabulous authors speak about writing historical fiction. Here's a gem or two from several participating in a couple of different sessions:

M. L. Malcolm (adult market - HEART OF LIES; HEART OF DECEPTION) -

"My books are not just historically accurate; they're historically driven."

"I love librarians - God bless librarians!"

"The biggest problem when doing historical research is knowing when to stop!"

Lynn Cullen (children's and adult markets - THE CREATION OF EVE; I AM REMBRANDT'S DAUGHTER) -

"Research is a joy."

"It's a game for those of us who do that kind of thing to find the holes - the little gaps - where you can use your imagination."

Vicky Alvear Shecter (children's, author of forthcoming CLEOPATRA'S MOON) -

"I struggled with having to kill off a character because that was a historical fact!"


"I speak for those who can't speak for themselves."

"I want people to smell the dirt on Rehobeth Road where I grew up."

Deborah Wiles (LOVE, RUBY LAVENDER and rest of AURORA COUNTY series; COUNTDOWN)-

As a child of nine living near the nation's capital in 1962, she thought: "If you will just invite me to the White House, I will explain to you why you shouldn't blow up the whole world."

(Do you ever really finish a book?)
"It can always be better,[but after one is finished] I'm really focused on the next one."

And I'm thankful for that, so that we can all look forward to the "next ones" from these fine, gracious, history-making authors!
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