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Life on the Deckle Edge

Praise for Berry Blue Haiku

I'm thrilled to have a poem featured in the second issue of the new online haiku magazine for young readers, Berry Blue Haiku. This digital publication is brimming with beautiful poetry, gorgeous art, and fun activities. The target audience is children through age 13, and from the simplest poems reinforcing colors and numbers to more subtle celebrations of the natural world, there is something for everyone (adults included!).

Hats off to executive editor Gisele LeBlanc, along with senior editor Michele Pizarro Harman and editorial assistant Laura Wynkoop, who are doing a fantastic job making the haiku form and its variations accessible and enjoyable for young people. Berry Blue Haiku is a treasure chest of ideas for teachers, parents, and anyone else seeking to connect kids and poetry. I can't imagine a child reading these poems and NOT wanting to try his or her hand at one! The poems are well organized according to targeted reader age, and contests and challenges will inspire submissions by young poets.

A subscription to this quarterly digital publication is only $4.99 a year! I promise you it is more satisfying than the richest, creamiest latte. And you won't have to work off the calories. Check out the first issue (June 2010) and learn all about this welcome new venture by pasting this link in your browser:


And, if Cynthis Narcisi's September cover art starring a black cat and pumpkins doesn't get you in the mood for fall, I don't know what will!
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