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Life on the Deckle Edge

She picked a pack of 'pacas....

1.) Paula Puckett 2.) some of her fiber creations........... 3.) Riley, 5, shares some carrots
Who did? Paula B. Puckett: my dear friend, SCBWI conference travelling buddy, fellow writer and illustrator and critique group member. I know today is Poetry Friday (click here for Roundup), but I'm interrupting strictly poetic posts to share something fun.

Today, Paula's family hosted what's becoming an annual "alpaca shearing and pot luck lunch" for family and friends at their beautiful farm nestled in the North Georgia mountains.

I've always had a thing for alpacas and have enjoyed getting to visit hers. Today's shearing was interesting. The animals are laid out one at a time on special mats, and then the shearers go to work, removing the gorgeous, thick fleece with skilled hands. The process only takes a few minutes, and then the animal is trotting off to rejoin the herd. I'm thinking Paula's alpacas are going to be thankful come Sunday they're in short coats - we're supposed to have temps in the 80s!

Paula, whose day job is as an elementary school art teacher, has never met a craft she doesn't like (or couldn't master). The animals she takes such excellent care of provide her with glorious fiber which she spins into magic. Check out the adorable creatures she recently made! Oh, and she invented her own brand of spinning wheel incorporating a bicycle tire.

In addition to her fiber art, Paula is a talented writer, photographer, and artist. Her artwork graced the cover of Once Upon a Time and has appeared in the SCBWI Bulletin, and her writing and photography has appeared in Alpacas Magazine and has been purchased by Highlights for Children. You never know what she'll come up with next!
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